Gregory Crimson 1

Gregory Crimson 1

Gregory Crimson (real name: “Gregorio Raponi”) was born in Lugano, Switzerland on the 19 September 1991. In his teens he grew up in Italy near Rome with his parents (Alessandro & Slavi Raponi) and his brother (Flavio Raponi). At the age of 16, while studying at the High school of arts, he joined his first metal-core band called Danger Shinra, as a backing vocal guitar player with some school friends. The band broke up after 2 years.

At the age of 18 he moved to Switzerland were he first started his solo musical career before forming his band, The Black Academy as a lead singer. He released his first album called “DeadSuperHeroes” with his band in 2016 and then came the album “Beautiful/Insane” in 2017 as a solo project. In the same year, he sang the soundtrack of an italian movie called “Fantasticherie di un passeggiatore solitario” which won the 7th place as best soundtrack in the italian oscars, “David di Donatello”. In 2018 he sang the soundtrack of his second movie called “La Mia Seconda Volta”.

The film sold over 200’000 tickets only on presale and was a huge success in Italy. It came out in every cinema in the country and the soundtrack was nominated for the David di Donatello which is still awaiting nomination. Gregory Crimson is currently working on his second album with his band which should be out in the fall of 2020. The release date of his second solo album is still unknown. May 2020, a new single release HERE COMES THE END. This song was written to fight the war we’re all experiencing against covid-19.

Became the official Relief Song against Covid-19 in Switzerland. In short time ‘Here Comes The End’ climbed to the top of the charts becoming the number 1, and not only, it was nominated by hollywood Music Media Awards for the singer/songwriter category. Gregory will appear in November 18th 2020 in California for the grand final. What about the future?

So many things on the list and certainly at the first place success and a beautiful career, thanks to all those who support the Artist.

We hope to see you again soon on tour.

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