September 20th 2020

T: For those who do not know, could you introduce yourself?
G: Hi Tiziana, sure! My name is Gregory, I’m a singer/songwriter, I have a solo project that I started when I was 20 years old under the name of Gregory Crimson and I sing in a band called The Black Academy. I entered the music world when I was 15 years old and for 14 years I’ve been focusing my whole career on writing, recording music.

T: To this day, what is your discography, including the video, and who is your public?
G: I have an album with my solo project called Beautiful/Insane (2017) and an album with my band (The Black Academy) called DeadSuperHeroes, which came out in 2016. I started with some covers on Youtube and I filmed all my videos on my own, except for the song “Wake Up” which was filmed by professionals. I have people who follow me and writes me from all around the world, I don’t consider myself famous yet but I can say that I have my small circle of fans, amazing fans.

T: HERE COMES THE END is nominated for the Hollywood Music and Media Awards for singer/songwriter category but also for the Golden Globe. The ceremony, caused by Covid-19, is postponed until January 2021. How do you feel about receiving an Award that will obviously change your career?
G: I feel very excited! I really wish I can win the award, that would probably help me get closer to my goals and dreams which I follow since I was just a small kid. Let’s get it!

T: What do you expect for Gregory Crimson 2021/22?
G: I’m really focused on my band, that is my biggest dream. Gregory Crimson is a project that does not have restrictions in any music genre and I operate on it when I have free time. When I’m inspired and I’m waiting on the band, I write music for Gregory Crimson’s project and I really enjoy it! So I expect singles coming out until I can make a collection of all of them and put them all in one album, that’s how I wrote Beautiful/Insane.

T: Wishing you a great success, tell me about your band THE BLACK ACADEMY.
G: Thank you! The Black Academy is something I always wanted to create. I’ve worked on this project for years now and somehow it’s still under construction. I’m a perfectionist and I know exactly where I want to go with this band so I take my time to make it perfect. We finished writing the second album after 4 years and I actually feel really satisfied of the result, things came out just the way I wanted it to come out, so I can say that I’m really proud of this new album which I can’t wait to share with the world.

T: The New CD is ready, I listened to it and it’s great! You’re playing a kind of mix between Metal/Rock, Punk/Grunge, Emo. Is this kind of music something natural for you, coming from your musical roots, or is that a calculated choice to stick as much as possible to the fantastic universe you want to create?
G: Out of all the music I’ve heard, The Black Academy’s music is my favorite. This might sound selfish but it’s true! I can be myself on stage and be who I truly am when I play this music in front of people. That’s why it took us four years to write this new album, because I want to make sure that people and fans can feel it. This album is meant to give people hope and a brighter future through its magical arrangements. Inspire people to be the best version of them selves and never stop chasing what makes us perfect, kind and joyful. I believe that if you want to make the world a better place you have to be the change that you want to see in the future and this album is meant to inspire people into doing this. Love is a powerful chemistry that has been given to us through a mystical energy since the beginning of time; the only problem is that we keep forgetting its powerful existence, or we simply ignore it! We have to embrace it if we all want to start living a great life. And I know this for a fact. That’s a small spoiler of what this new album is about. There’s so much more to say so I’ll just let the lyrics do the rest of the job.

T: Let’s go back for a moment to the first THE BLACK ACADEMY Release “DeadSuperHeroes”. 4 Songs from this album have been in the top four for 18 weeks on the International Indie Play Charts. Would you have thought of finding 4 songs at the top of the charts?
G: Not really, but I’m really happy about it, let’s keep it going!

T: Last question, but very important. What do you expect from the future and what do you have in mind as Gregory Crimson solo project and also with The Black Academy for the next few years?
G: I’ve been working on achieving my goals and dreams everyday, all day for the past 15 years. The least I expect is that I finally can bring my projects where they’re supposed to be. Gregory Crimson’s project will constantly bring out new material as long as my head is free from The Black Academy’s one, which it has always been my main focus. I just love to play in a band; nothing can beat that amazing feeling. If I would make Gregory Crimson’s musical project my main focus, I wouldn’t be as happy as if I achieve it with my band, I guess I’d probably feel lonely and have no friends to share my success with, which is probably the reason why is more of a secondary project. I grew up listening to bands, I was never a fan of solo artists, that’s why I’m so in love with The Black Academy, so I can live what I always wanted to live when I was just a little boy.

T: Thank you so much for your availability to this interview, and good luck! I leave you free space to say what you want to your fans and all the people who work in the world of Music Biz.
G: Guys, get ready for this new album, it might change your lives forever, in a better way, of course. Much love to you all.




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